Eau Claire, WI
Body Cameras protect children, alleged criminals, those with mental health issues, the homeless, reputations, taxpayers and yes Eau Claire Law Enforcement.

(Risks & Rewards)

Human Element:
  • Save's very valuable lives
  • Least amount of trauma on children, victims, criminals, families and officers
  • Preemptive visual measure to change the mindsets in an effort to deescalate situations
  • Encouraging restraint through visual suggestion. (Were “all” being recorded) 
  • Officers, families & alleged criminal can sleep easy knowing the body camera wont lie
  • Establishing Civilian Complaint Review Boards 
  • Reputations, integrity, morals and ethics are never compromised

Municipal Liability:
  • Multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuits
  • Claims of creative reporting and cover-ups
  • Claims of excessive use of force
  • Claims of police and Drug Task Force brutality
  • Claims of human and civil rights abuses
  • Claims of racism and discrimination
  • Claims of inappropriate pat downs
  • Claims of “Blue Code of Silence”
  • Claims of cozy relationships between D.A offices and law enforcement.

Mental Health:
  • Communities backlash in excessive force of the mentally ill and or mentally handicapped
  • Perceived lack of restraint, procedure, protocol, process and training.
  • How to best approach and deescalate someone with a mental health issues.
  • Provides mental health experts real-time situations that can better facilitate case studies

  • Perceived prosecutorial misconduct by the community and media
  • Withholding evidence to insure outcome
  • Witness tampering: on and off duty police intimidation of principal witnesses to a D.A. subpoena
  •  HR and superior Intimidation of officers
  • Cozy relationships between D.A’s and law enforcement

Private Contractor:
  • Claims of targeting, tracking, following, intimidating and electronically water               boarding communications of officers, witnesses, families and alleged                         criminals without oversight to insure a solid prosecutorial win

  • Copying and pasting expedited police press releases without vetting the narrative(s).
  • Bias reporting of demographics, groups, organization and businesses.
  • Media keeping good rapport with law enforcement for the next big story even it              requires compromising journalistic truth.
  •  Sensationalizing a police press release without evidence base journalism for the sake of advertising revenue

  • Provides valuable real-time training video footage for agencies and those in                     the mental health industry.

A.S.U Body Worn Camera Project
Misconduct - Brady v. Maryland 
Michael E. Bell - Kenosha, WI - 
Law Enforcement Investigating Their Own.
790 WAYY Today Talk Radio 
Body Camera Interview 1-27-2015

[Michael Quinn Police Ethics Trainer Of Minneapolis, Mn. Author Of "Walking With The Devil" The Police Code Of Silence.]

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2015 Talk Radio Interview With Michael Quinn Retired Minneapolis Police Sergeant & Joe Novak Of Eau Claire.

Topics discussed: Unarmed officer involved shootings, police ethics and the importance of police worn body cameras. 

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"It's Time To Normalize Body Camera Enforcement Not Officer-Involved-Shootings"
Body worn cameras as a matter of public record will provide A “bright line rule” precedent.
"A mental health crisis shouldn't be a death sentence, when mental health services is the moral and ethical alternative". 

It's time for the Eau Claire County Sheriff, the current Under-Sheriff, and the District Attorney to be removed from office for a 2014 officer-involved shooting cover-up. The in-concert manufactured reporting and manipulation of community sentiment by detectives and supported by Eau Claire County to prosecute the incident is illegal under TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242. Deprivation of Rights Under the Color of Law.

The "Excited Utterance" and the "Depraved-Heart" actions by a Eau Claire County Sheriff's Deputy tells a "completely different" story and warrants an investigation by the United States Department Of Justice.